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The experience of building our first home with Ryan Homes.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I LOVE Victoria Falls!

Unfortunately, I don't have pics of us breaking ground yet. Being in a different state from the house is very difficult, but we hope to get some pics from our buyer's agent soon...I am getting a little anxious.

After seeing today's post from momoftwins, I got inspired to share some of the pics we took of the decorated Victoria Falls models we saw. We went to a model in Cincinnati, OH before deciding on the Victoria Falls and this is where we fell in love with the floor plan and got some direction for color choices and options. We honestly felt we could not decide on a floor plan without seeing it in person. We also visited the newly built model Fishers, IN to check out some different options and see our fireplace stone color. This totally reaffirmed our decisions. For those of you trying to make decisions, I hope it helps with seeing some examples.  And for my fellow Victoria Falls bloggers I hope you love the floor plan even more! :)

Check out these links below for the pics! The model in Cincinnati is an Elevation E and the model in Fishers is an Elevation C (sorry I don't have any outside pics of this one right now, I can try to post later). 

Victoria Falls Model - Cincinnati, OH

Victoria Falls Model - Fishers, IN


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful home! I LOVE it. Thanks for posting the pics. There are a ton of great decorating ideas!

  2. FM...your house is going to be gorgeous. THANK YOU so much for posting the pictures of the model home. We had selected the brushed nickel fixtures and hardware throughout the house but we were having second thoughts about whether to get the bronze instead. It was really hard to tell from just looking at the book in the sales office. Your first set up pictures helped us make up our mind that we would rather have the brushed nickel. The bronze looked nice but we liked the brushed nickel better. Thank you again for posting those pictures!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. You're welcome BD, happy the pics helped. :) I'm definitely a visual person so seeing the fixtures outside of a book really does make a difference. We liked the brushed nickel too; it looks sharp.

  4. Congratulations! I love the staircase of the victoria falls - so elegant and dramatic.

  5. Super glad we upgraded the owner's bath. The shower without the seat just doesn't look right to me.

  6. Thank you so much for posting them! My husband and I were looking at them last night and the pics gave us so many ideas! I am so beyond excited!! Plus I posted the pics to my everyone can see my soon to be house! Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for posting and blogging your journey! We are building the Victoria Falls and your posts have really helped us through the process! Plus, every time I look at your site I get more and more excited!!