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The experience of building our first home with Ryan Homes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Updates..ok a lot of updates!

I've been so MIA lately and haven't been keeping up with all the blogs...some how the time is just flying. I can't believe our house done soon and we are closing in a little over 2 weeks. Sorry I am a slacker and not doing a 30 day countdown. Props to Deidre :)
 But just to update everyone there has been a lot of progress with the house and I feel like the house could be done by next week (not that we would close earlier than planned). We locked in at 4.75% a couple of weeks ago and we are just getting some things finalized with NVR for the mortgage. We are annoyed with our experience with the NVR person we are working with since she doesn't seem to know enough  and she is slacking on communicating and getting everything finalized.
We bought king size bed and bedroom furniture a couple of weeks ago which we are very excited it about it since we only have a full size bed now. So keeping our fingers crossed about getting it delivered the weekend after we close!
So sorry momoftwins, I've been holding out on the pics! Here's some of the house and the furniture. We really are completely happy with all of our color choices and excited about how it's coming together. Also, we discovered that the faucets in the bathroom aren't the standard ones like the we thought we were supposed to get, so it was a good surprise.
This is a super long blog for me, but I also want to give a shout out to our PM who has been amazing with making sure all the little issues are getting fixed. We will be giving him a little gift once the house is done. Has anyone thought about doing this?
 Our house!!!!
 Foyer (we love our flooring)
 Kitchen finally with countertops. Do you like the toilet? haha
 Fireplace in the Family Room (so happy we decided to get this one! It's going to have a remote!)
 Our Favorite Window 
 Master Bath (yay nice faucets)
Laundry Room with utility tub that I am excited to use!
Bedroom Furniture (we didn't get the this mirror shown and got a rectangular mirror instead)


  1. Love the furniture! Where is it from? Actually I love all of the pics but the furniture really caught my eye!

  2. What is the name of the fireplace stone you got?

  3. The house blew me away its soooo big and pretty. Love the fireplace I'm ready to just curl up against it. The furniture is niceeee where did you get it? I have been soo lazy on the furniture shopping part I need to get right on it. Love it.

  4. Omg! Thanks for pics! I love it!! What color hardwood is that? The cherry? I debated back and forth on that and saddle wood and I love yours! And I bet there cherry! Thanks so much for the update and I love your furniture! We are going from a queen to king and are so excited too!

  5. I love love love it! We got the same color hard wood, its so beautiful, I cant wait to see it in our place!! Your house is beautiful!

  6. I love all the pics! Your home is beautiful!! That fireplace looks like it has the same color stone we picked out for our house. lol Also like the check mark on your favorite window. lol

    Your bedroom furniture is GORGEOUS!! I love it! We have a king sized bed and it's awesome! And with 3 kids, it comes in handy when we all snuggle in it. lol

    2 weeks!! You close in 2 weeks! Wow! I bet you are busy packing and finalizing. GL!!! Let us know how closing goes and get us some pics after your settled!


  7. The utility sink is a very useful thing to have; we're very glad we went for it.
    The fireplace stone looks like what we chose, very nice.
    BTW, the fireplace has a battery backup for igniting, in the event you ever have a power failure; at least you would have the heat from the fireplace :)
    Love the circle top window and the 3-garage...

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments! :)

    Lipsis and Stephanie: The furniture is called Leighton from Ashley Furniture.
    BD: The fireplace stone is Bucks County.
    momoftwins: The hardwood is oak, but it's a cherry stain
    Mike: Good to know about the battery backup!

  9. Wow! Your house is beautiful. I love the foyer and the floors are amazing. I'm so happy for you :)

  10. A good kitchen countertops should be durable as well as attractive to give your kitchen a certain aura of cleanliness and elegance.

  11. Wow your house looks amazing, from the foyer to the bathrooms! I really like your fireplace as well! Your bedroom funiture looks really great! I can't wait to get a king size set!!!! The queen has got to go! My hubby and I complain all the time because he takes up all of the space! lol...

    Cant wait until you close and thanks for posting the pics.

  12. Love the pics...

    Where did you get the furniture? Does it come in a king size?

  13. I love the pictures! We are building a townhome in PA with Ryan. I think that it is a great idea to give a token of thanks to your PM. What did you have in mind? I would like to do something similar but I am at a loss for what would be appropriate...

  14. I love viewing the pictures, too. I live in a "Victoria" home as well and would love to see some additional exterior pictures. My house is just outside of Pittsburgh, PA and only has a 2-car garage. I'm looking into adding a third stall just like your house. Can you take some additional pics of the exterior; particularly from the front, back and various angles of the side with the third stall? It would be a huge help!!!! Thank you.