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The experience of building our first home with Ryan Homes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We couldn't be happier!!

I haven't looked at the blog in forever! I overwhelmed with how many new blogs there are. It's amazing how much this blogging thing has exploded.
So I've been crazy busy lately since I just moved into the house last weekend from Ohio and it was a crazy 2 weeks of packing and unpacking and we finally have a week together alone in our new home.
It is totally surreal. Now that I am finally moved in with my fiance, I can't believe it. We love our house and would not change a thing. We are so happy about how our color selections came together and our upgrade choices are the right ones for us. We just got some faux wood blinds we ordered from and they look awesome...I will post some pics of those soon once things look a little more presentable. So far the only pics I have taken are from closing day and before.

So sorry I haven't gotten back to the comments on the last post, but hopefully you see them now:
HW: Ashley Furniture. Yes, we got the king size. We love our furniture!
Ian: We got our PM a nice thank you card and a gift card so he could go out for dinner with his family.
Burgman: Hope the pics attached to this blog help.  Where's your blog? I can't find it. Are you building a Victoria Falls too?


  1. It's beautiful hon!! WOW!!! Gorgeous!! I bet ya'll are just over the top happy! Congrats!!

  2. Loving your new house! It looks stunning. How cool is that a brand new house built perfectly designed for you and your family. The pics look so nice and your staircase I bet you are in love with it. Your kitchen looks so fancy. I bet you cannot wait to finish decorating it. Look forward to be seeing some more of your pics.

  3. *Tear* I love that you guys unlocked the door together! :) SO romantical! :) The house is beautiful and the choices you made for upgrades are great! I know we want it all, but your choices were great! I love the 3 car garage! Congrats again and I cant wait until we can move up in the "royal family" and say goodbye QUEEN and hello KING you ae the true ruler! lol

  4. Gorgeous - congrats on getting moved in!!

  5. We miss you guys! I hope you both are doing well!

  6. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for putting all the model pics from Cincinnati and Fishers on your blog - those have helped me with some current issues I'm having with building my Victoria Falls. We are in the Indy area too, and are closing at the end of January 2012.

    Just wanted to write a comment and see if you happened to get them in your email b/c I have one question - did you get the upgrade for double sinks in your upstairs 2nd bathroom? If you didn't do you have a double-sized vanity with basically extra counter space instead of the extra sink bowl?

    They put a single sink with a vanity half the size of what is in the Victoria Falls model. We were told that if we did not upgrade to the double sink, that we would just get extra counter space where the double sink would be, but it would be the same amount of cabinet space as if there was a double sink.