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The experience of building our first home with Ryan Homes.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

1st Visit to Our House

Wow! We can't believe how much is completed within the last couple of weeks. It was a nice weekend to go see the progress and do some appliance shopping. It's definitely going really fast now and it will be nice that my fiance will be moving closer to the house to start his job this week so at least one of us will be around to see the progress weekly. I took like 70 pics, but here's just a few. They should be installing our plumbing and electric this week and finishing up with the framing and roof. Our pre-dry wall meeting will be coming up soon.

Stairway in Foyer
Morning Room/Kitchen
Family Room
Owner's Suite


  1. It looks beautiful! I love the peaks on the front!

  2. Yay for pics. I love the elevation you chose. That bump out looks do nice. I just realized that I'm going to lose it when the stairs are started. So I'm thinking by the end of the week our house will look like yours on the inside.

    I think we're going to sleep in the morning room the first night. I love that room.

  3. Wow, Owners suite that looks super awesome! You house will be GREAT! Soo exciting. =)

  4. Thats a huge house!!! Its coming along!!

  5. It looks great...don't know how you are doing it so far would be killing me to not see it more often.

  6. I love the window in the morning room! It looks great!

  7. Looks great!!!moving pretty fast