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Sunday, March 20, 2011

One of the biggest purchases I have ever made..

We have made one of the biggest purchases yet when we got our washer, dryer and refrigerator. We have been looking at the same appliances for the last couple of months waiting for a good deal and are so happy we were able to get a great deal on all 3 appliances from Home Depot this past week. I just want to say we are really happy with how the sales guy at Home Depot was great at finding the best deal for us and we would  definitely go back there for other purchases based on our experience. We went into the store since we saw the fridge we wanted was on special buy for the lowest price we've seen yet which included the 10% off for energy star appliances. When we said we were interested in getting the washer/dryer also, he looked up the price at competitor sites to price match and then gave us 10% off the washer on top of that. He even price matched the dryer from a Best Buy price from a few months ago since it was the cheapest it was ever listed for! Other than that, we were pleased that the delivery is free and there is only a small charge to install the gas dryer. The maintenance plans were also the most reasonable compared with Lowes, Best Buy, and Sears. Each maintenance plan was $99.95 for 5 years (this includes parts, maintenance and complete appliance replacement no deductible) and we got $30 off since we bought 3 plans at once. So we definitely recommend Home Depot..look out for their 10% off sale and have them price match. Check out (this is what they used at Home Depot) to see the pricing history for an appliance. Here's the appliances we got:

GE Profile Refrigerator to match our other appliances

LG High Efficiency Washer and LG Steam Dryer (For the first time in my life I can't wait to do laundry!!)