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The experience of building our first home with Ryan Homes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Our pre-drywall meeting was last Wednesday (I've been bad about keeping up the blogs this past week..). I unfortunately could not make it being that it was in the middle of the week, so my fiance was there taking a lot of pictures.  Our closing date was tentatively set for April 22nd, but it is pushed to May 6th which is ok. The pre-settlement meeting is supposed to be May 4th, but we worked it out with our PM to move it to May 5th so it is easier for me coming in from out of town to only take 2 days off of work. Our PM is great with how accommodating and flexible he's been :)

Overall it went pretty well and there were a few things that are being changed or fixed:
- Moving the foyer light pre-wire an extra foot away from front wall since it was pretty close to the foyer window
- Moving cable outlet in a bedroom
- Moving a phone jack in the kitchen so that it isn't so close to the light switches and outlet (we may add additional switches in the future for under cabinet lighting)
- The electricity set up for the microwave was not over the stove, it was next to the refrigerator and there wasn't any sort of set up for a vent over the good thing we caught this. They will be placing the microwave over the stove as originally planned.
- This was a bigger deal: My fiance noticed that 4 of the rafters in the 2 car garage were not straight so he insisted that they fix them. They did end up realigning the rafters better to the top support brace.
So some minor bumps..but our PM is throwing in an extra outside light on our 3rd car garage. Don't tell our neighbors :)

We can't believe it's almost a month away. My fiance did stop by the house last night and saw that most of the drywall was already done and the siding was delivered. I can't wait til my next visit in couple of weeks.


  1. So glad things are moving along so well. Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. Good catches! And congrats on the free light!! sounds like things are going great!